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Social Pedagogy to Curb Online Hate: An Interdisciplinary Program Investigating Innovative Educational and Socio-Cultural Practices for Building Resilience Against Hate Speech in an Era of Post-Web 2.0

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This program investigates the impact of the sustained and inclusive adoption of digital media on (a) pedagogical practices in citizen education at the secondary and post-secondary levels; as well as (b) social consumption practices in building resilience against online hate speech and discrimination in public and cultural communities. Combining theoretical and methodological frameworks from instructional technology, sociology, arts-based pedagogy and consumer culture the successful Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow (PDF) will work with Dr. Vivek Venkatesh’s team to build on the recently launched SOMEONE (Social Media Education Every Day) portal to lay the platform for the creation of an international network exploring cutting-edge research on how the field of citizen education is being impacted by the development and increased utilization of digital media tools for educational as well as socio-communicative purposes to curb instances of online hate speech. The Horizon PDF program of research will have a first focus on investigating the pedagogical effects of the integration of digital media – especially the mobile and social variety – in the domain of hate speech prevention. A second focus will be to support effective integration of digital media in public pedagogical and cultural settings to specifically curb online hate speech, discrimination and radicalization.

Academic qualifications required

  • PhD in either Education, Art Education, Sociology, Political Science, Religion, Communications, or Marketing/Consumer Culture Theory with specialisation in Hate Speech and Radicalization Leading to Violent Extremism.
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