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Fellowship Description

Research program title

Millimeter-wave reconfigurable antennas for wireless communication and imaging Systems

Reference number



Program description

  • To design novel high gain mm-wave antennas
  • To generate vibrant new designs for compact mm-wave active frequency selective surface (FSS)  structures
  • To develop reconfigurable antennas with beam scanning using active FSS structures.
  • To perform prototyping and various experimental setups to validate proposed FSS based reconfigurable antennas.
  • System integration and applications
  • Work closely with our graduate students
  • Knowledge and dissemination through publication in peer-reviewed journals

Academic qualifications required

  • PhD in electrical engineering or related fields with recent experience in antenna design, theory, system and testing.
  • Experience designing antenna elements and arrays in the mm-wave and microwave frequencies.
  • Experienced with antenna design tools such as CST, HFSS and ADS.
  • Knowledge of beamforming techniques.
  • Knowledge of related substrate materials and fabrication processes.
  • Hands on experience using microwave measurement equipment such as vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team environment.
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