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Virtual simulation platform for new generation of high-load capacity and high-speed frame steered vehicles

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Program description

The primary objective of the research program is to develop a virtual simulation platform for high load capacity and high-speed frame-steered off-road vehicles. The platform will integrate the three-dimensional vehicle model, a rolling tire-soil interaction model, advanced suspension models, kineto-dynamics of the frame steering mechanism and a biodynamic model of the occupant. A computationally efficient tire model using the concept of radial rings will be derived from a comprehensive tire-soil interaction model employing smoothed particle hydrodynamic methodology for simulating the soil flows and finite element of tire structure model. The program will also investigate performance potentials of controllable and interconnected hydro-pneumatic suspension.

Academic qualifications required

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering or a related discipline.
  • A research background and expertise in off-road vehicle dynamics and control, and tire-soil interactions.
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