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Web Mapping & Oral History

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Based at the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling and the Geomedia Lab, the Postdoctoral Fellow will contribute to the technological and methodological development of the Living Archives Toolkit of the Rwandan Diaspora, a public online platform that will enable researchers, educators and survivors themselves to access 87 recorded life story interviews. This program is supported by two interlocking SSHRC-funded projects and is developed in collaboration with Page-Rwanda, representing the friends and family of those lost in 1994. The platform will be built on two existing open source applications: Stories Matter, developed by High and colleagues to enable the access to audiovisual life stories and Atlascine, designed by Caquard and colleagues to enable the mapping of stories in general; Atlascine is built on Nunaliit. The postdoctoral Fellow will be in charge of exploring and implementing methodological and technological solutions to enable the interfacing between Atlascine and Stories Matter. This interfacing is envisioned as a way to respond to the wider need to develop new ways to access, share, listen, visualize, map and analyse the recorded stories of survivors of mass violence.

Academic qualifications required

  • University researcher (open discipline)
  • Interest in being centrally involved in digital tools development for narrative researchers and source communities
  • Able to demonstrate the following:
    • Significant programming experience
    • An understanding of javascript
    • A capacity to work collaboratively with a range of partners
    • An interest in both oral history and web cartography
    • An active publication profile
  • Ability to speak and understand French is an asset
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