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Fellowship Description

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Emulation and Design of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Motor Drive Systems

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Program description

The development of motors, power electronic converters and controllers used in hybrid electric and full electric vehicles is becoming more complex. To remain competitive, manufacturers must develop better, more sophisticated, more efficient, more reliable products in less time. In order to accelerate the pace of development and reduce time to market, large and innovative manufacturers like Toyota, GM and Ford use advanced simulators and prototyping systems supplied by OPAL-RT and its competitors as complementary tools to conventional analog test benches.

Problem(s) to resolve:
Targeted application(s): Propulsion systems for transportation electrification and interfaces to the power grid as well as mini and micro-grids.


  1. Development of machine and power converter models of different degrees of complexity that can be used on real time emulators for different tests. The machine parameters can come from either specific tests conducted with reduced resources or directly from associated machine design software. The effectiveness of the procedure will be verified with numerous tests.
  2. Development of emulators for power electronic converters, motors and generators based on 2- and 4-quadrant linear amplifiers. It shall present high bandwidth, for fast dynamic response, and power quality, for accurately reproducing the voltages and current waveforms as determined by the real time simulator.

Academic qualifications required

  • PhD degree in Electrical Engineering or a related discipline
  • Relevant engineering experience
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