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Quantifying carbon budgets for ambitious climate mitigation targets

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Program description

An important recent development in climate science is the concept of a global carbon budget, which defines the total amount of CO2 emissions that is consistent with a given climate target. It is now well established that global warming responds approximately linearly to cumulative CO2 emissions over time. This finding allows us to estimate the global carbon budget, so as to set a limit on the total quantity of CO2 that can be emitted while maintaining global temperature below a desired level of warming.

This post-doctoral research position will focus on improving our current understanding of allowable emissions for ambitious climate targets, with the aim of providing robust and policy-relevant carbon budget estimates for 1.5-2°C of global climate change. The research will include the following objectives:

  1. To produce carbon budget estimates for global climate targets of 1.5-2°C
  2. To quantify the uncertainty associated with the climate response to CO2 emissions and its effect on carbon budget estimates
  3. To explore differences in carbon budget estimates for peak vs. long-term temperature changes
  4. To develop robust methods to account for the additional warming from non-CO2 emissions in the setting of carbon budgets for a given climate target.

Academic qualifications required

  • PhD in climate science or related field, with experience in climate modelling or the analysis of large-scale climate model data.
  • Experience with scientific programming and a demonstrated record of publication in the field of climate science. 
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