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The Graduate Community Support Fund provides a financial grant of up to $5,000 towards special projects meeting the criteria listed below.

On a temporary basis, and in response to COVID-19 measures, the fund is accepting projects that either support our graduate student community with adaptation to the COVID-19 environment; or allow our graduate students to offer their services to the Montreal community. Applications are considered on a first come, first serve basis.

Projects will be funded on the following selection criteria:

  • Support from a Concordia faculty member (essential)
  • Pertinence to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows or recognized members of the Montreal community affected by the COVID-19 measures
  • Degree of impact in improving the wellness of the targeted community
  • Level of student involvement in implementing the project
  • Contribution to the student’s professional development
  • Benefits to the Concordia community
  • Alignment with the university's Strategic Directions

Research projects and projects that form part of a student’s required curriculum or program will not be considered.


For information and assistance please contact:

Racha Cheikh-Ibrahim
Coordinator, Academic Programs and Development
School of Graduate Studies

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