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Organize finances

Graduate Awards Office – funding

Visit Awards and Funding for details about the many opportunities for funding and awards.

General inquiries about sources of financial support for graduate students at Concordia should be directed to the Graduate Awards Office or by emailing

Financial assistance

The Financial Aid and Awards Office (FAAO) assists students and prospective students in seeking and securing financial assistance to enable them to pursue their education. Student financial assistance is available in various forms, including government financial aid (student loans and/ or bursaries), as well as Concordia student assistance programs (tuition payments deferrals, emergency funding, etc.) and on-campus work opportunities through the Work-Study Program.

Government student financial aid

Every financial aid program has its own procedures for disbursing funds to students. If your program requires you to pick up or drop off documents, or get your loan documents certified, you can do that at the Financial Aid and Awards Office. Make sure you bring your student ID. Find out more on My Student Centre. Choose Financial > Financial Aid and Awards > Loan and Bursary.

Managing your finances – budgeting

Budgets are great tools for keeping track of your expenses and income. Budgets can help you stay organized and save some extra funds for emergencies. Anything that helps you stay organized during the busy school semester is great, so get a pen, get a calculator and get started!

Start your budget today!

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