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Register for courses

There are some steps to complete before registering for courses. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Once your registration start date appears in your Student Center page, complete the mandatory ASIM module, which outlines the principles of academic integrity.
  2. Check the Graduate Calendar to verify your degree requirements and academic regulations.
  3. Meet with your Graduate Program Director or supervisor, if applicable. Some programs require students to meet with their advisor(s) prior to registering for courses. To determine if you require advising, refer to the “Holds” box on your Student Center page.
  4. Plan your timetable using the timetable guide.
  5. Register: log in to MyConcordia with your netname and password. Verify your information, then select My Student Center. Refer to this guide for information about adding, dropping, swapping and waitlist classes.

Please note that students are responsible for registering and withdrawing from their courses. Academic Advising is available.

For more information, please refer to the Registration guide for Graduate students.

Don’t forget to pick up your student ID card

Your student identification card confirms that you are a Concordia University student. You will use it for all kinds of essential everyday campus activities, from using the library and printing documents via DPrint, to riding the shuttle bus and writing exams. For these reasons, please carry your student ID card with you at all times.

Once you’ve registered for courses, follow the steps outlined here to obtain your ID card.


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