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Our goal at Concordia is first and foremost to ensure that the members of our communities are safe, and that we support the measures implemented by the Quebec government relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Faculty and staff continue to work to ensure the smoothest possible operations under these exceptional circumstances.

Below are answers to common questions; we encourage you to visit frequently as new information will be added as it becomes available.

Graduate admissions

School of Graduate Studies Admissions Statement

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in a few short months. Agile and judicious adaptation is needed to survive and thrive beyond these uncertain times on individual and institutional levels. While every aspect of life has been altered for us all, it is our students (both current and future) who have faced the most severe challenges.

Concordia’s School of Graduate Studies recognizes the urgency of this transformation and fully supports more flexible admissions policies to allow for a more holistic interpretation of candidates. Applications will be reviewed within the context of the pandemic, and applicants are encouraged to illustrate their individual circumstances in their personal statements.

The world has changed and the need for innovative researchers and thinkers has never been greater. It is our duty and our pride to welcome those who would undertake the challenge.

Winter 2020 term

Timed online final exams

Awards and funding

Postdoctoral fellows

Thesis defences

Lab access

For more information about access to labs, refer to  the Research FAQs.

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