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Vanier Canada graduate scholarship


Value and eligibility

$50,000/year (for 3 years)

Please consult the Vanier CGS website for eligibility criteria and application instructions.

Internal deadline dates

  • September 16 for candidates to submit their application online via ResearchNet; and submit all official transcripts to their department;
  • September 21 for the School of Graduate Studies to email the (online) application package to departments;
  • September 30 for departments to submit their nomination letter (2 pages max) to the School of Graduate Studies c/o Graduate Awards

How to apply

Only candidates endorsed by their nominating department may submit an application to the Vanier CGS Doctoral Competition.

  1. Contact (or be invited by) your Graduate Program Director for their confirmation of endorsement.
  2. Create a ResearchNet and Canadian Common CV account.
  3. Invite two referees to submit an assessment form online via ResearchNet. One letter of reference should be from your supervisor following the information for referees guidelines.
  4. Provide two Leadership reference letters. Candidates are responsible for acquiring these letters and uploading them to ResearchNet in PDF format.
    It is not recommended that you ask the same person to write more than one of the letters that are required as part of your nomination package.
  5. Submit official copies of all transcripts to your nominating department by September 16. Only unofficial Concordia transcripts for programs completed or in progress will be accepted. One copy of the legend (reverse of each transcript) must be included; Transcript text must be horizontal and uploaded in order from least recent to most recent. If your official transcript is in neither English nor French, a certified translation will be required.
  6. Submit your online application through ResearchNet by September 16.
  7. The School of Graduate Studies will submit your online application to your nominating department by September 21.
  8. Step by step instructions on the content of documents are available on the Vanier website.

Nominating department

The Graduate Program Director may recruit and/or will be contacted to nominate top candidates. Official transcripts will be submitted by applicants to their department by September 16.

The School of Graduate Studies will forward the application to the department by September 21. Departments must submit a nomination letter (2 pages max) and the applicants’ transcripts to the School of Graduate Studies by September 30.

Post award information

Once you have received an order of award, you will have to accept or decline the offer by filling out the task, “Response to an offer” via ResearchNet. Once validated, instructions will be sent on how to complete the Confirmation of Commencement (CFC). Completed CFCs should be signed and sent to the Vanier inbox directly to activate an award. Once the Authorization for Funding (AFF) document has been submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, your award will be processed, coded and funds will be released into your Student Account.


Please email the Graduate Awards Office

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