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Award holder information

Information for recipients of graduate fellowships, scholarships or awards administered by the Graduate Awards Office, School of Graduate Studies

Fellowship Payments

  • Fellowship payments are issued five (5) working days after the DNE date of each term, once full-time registration is confirmed, unless otherwise specified in the award notification.
  • Payments are made directly to the students’ accounts and applied to outstanding tuition and fees. If a credit balance remains in the account, a cheque refund request must be submitted by award recipients via their Student Center.
  • Cheques are automatically mailed to the address on file within 10 business days after the refund request has been submitted.

Conditions of Tenure

  1. Tenure of the award starts as specified in your award offer. Should you be unable to start your program at that time, you may request a one-term deferment of your award. This must be done in writing to your Graduate Program Director. If you are unable to start your program within one term, your award offer will be withdrawn.
  2. Award holders must maintain full-time registration status in the graduate degree program specified in the award notification, in each term during which the award is held.
  3. Internal award recipients are expected to devote most of their time to completion of their graduate degree and it is recommended that award recipients do not work more than 15 hours per week. Before you accept other employment, we suggest that you discuss and receive consent from your supervisor and department to ensure your employment is compatible with your activities as a graduate student and an award recipient.
  4. External granting agencies may restrict the number of hours of employment permitted. Contact the external agencies directly for their policies.
  5. Doctoral students whose awards are granted for more than three (3) terms (one year), that plan to work full-time during the summer or any other term, are required to notify the Graduate Awards Advisor of the School of Graduate Studies at least two (2) months prior to the work term by requesting a one-term deferment of their award in writing by email to:, indicating “Work Term Deferment” in the subject line.
  6. Recipients may request a maximum of two (2) deferments of one (1) term each for employment purposes; the work terms cannot be consecutive. Students must request a leave of absence from their program during these terms.
  7. Award holders cannot be on paid leave from their employer, on a paid sabbatical, nor pursuing full-time employment during their term of tenure. In these cases, the award may be held in name only.
  8. International students cannot hold a Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence if their tuition fees are paid through a scholarship that they hold, if they become a permanent resident, or if they benefit from an international tuition fee remission as a result of an agreement between the Government of Québec and their home country. In these cases, you must notify the Manager, Graduate Awards.
  9. During a LOA, students receiving graduate awards will have their award payments stopped for any terms where there is a LOA notation, and the award disbursements will continue once the student returns from leave (without penalty). For example, if a graduate recipient has been on a leave for two terms, the payments will resume for those two terms following the students’ return. The total value of the award will not be affected by the LOA and the total tenure of the award will be adjusted (stop and restart) to accommodate the leave.

Award holders are responsible for remaining in good academic standing, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 with no failure grades, no more than one C, and not have been sanctioned under the Academic Code in order to receive approval for instalments each term.

Should the award holder be granted a retroactive change to their program (status changed to part-time or full-time, program switch) or registration (retroactive DNE, DISC, Leave of Absence, Parental Leave, Withdrawal from program) SGS will recover that term’s disbursements. Consequently, students will need to honour their financial commitment to their student account.


Should you have any questions regarding the above procedures, please contact the awards office at

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