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Council membership 2022-2023

Ex-Officio Members

Name Title
Diamantoudi, Effrosyni (Chair) Dean of Graduate Studies
Lafrance, Donald (Secretary)       Director, School of Graduate Studies
Carr, Graham President & Vice-Chancellor
Whitelaw, Anne Provost & Vice-President, Academic Affairs
Johal, Rajiv University Librarian or representative
Bérubé, Dominique Vice-President, Research & Graduate Studies

Non-Voting Members

Name Title
Gabriele, Sandra Vice-Provost, Innovation in Teaching & Learning
Cheaib, William Assoc. Vice-President, International
De Celles, Stéphanie University Registrar
Vacant Assoc. Vice-President, Research, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Associate Deans, School Of Graduate Studies

Name Title
Medraj, Mamoun Associate Dean, Recruitment & Awards
Pawelek, Peter Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Postdoctoral Studies
Berger, Rachel Associate Dean, Academic Programs & Development

Elected Faculty Members

Name Title Appointment ending
Arts & Science
Salas, Aphrodite Assistant Professor, Journalism 2025
Howes, David Professor, Sociology & Anthropology
Wilds, Christopher Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry 2025
John Molson School of Business
Fattoum-Guedri, Asma
Associate Professor, Management 2025
Huang, Xiao
Associate Professor, Supply Chain & Business Technology Management 2025
Ullah, Saif Associate Professor, Finance 2025
Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
An, Chunjiang Assistant Professor, Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Stoyanov, Pantcho Associate Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering
Soliman, Ahmed Assistant Professor, Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering 2023
Fine Arts
Bowen, Deanna Assistant Professor, Studio Arts 2023
Sinner, Anita Associate Professor, Art Education 2025

Appointed Decanal Representatives

Name Title
Scala, Francesca Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Arts & Science
Boies, Kathleen Associate Dean, Research & Research Programs, John Molson School of Business
Aghdam, Amir Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Gina Cody School of Engineering & Computer Science
Thompson, MJ Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts

Graduate Program Director Representatives

Name Title Appointment ending
Gélinas, Yves Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry 2023
Sussman, Mark Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture 2023
Yuen, Felice INDI Director 2023

Graduate Student Representatives

Name Title Appointment ending
Graduate Student Representatives
Raju, Duraichelvan Department of Mechanical, Industrial & Aerospace Engineering 2023
Richmond, Isabella Biology 2023
Zaare, Masoumeh Education 2023

Postdoctoral Fellow Representative

Name Title Appointment ending
Sarah Moritz
Department of Geography, Planning and Environment  
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