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Graduate Awards Committees

The various Graduate Awards Committees have the overall responsibility for selecting candidates for the externally-funded awards from the provincial and federal granting agencies.


  • The Associate Dean, Recruitment and Graduate Awards, or delegate (non-voting);
  • The Advisor, External Awards, Graduate Awards, who acts as secretary (non-voting);
  • Representatives from the Faculty of John Molson School of Business;
  • Representatives from the Faculty of Fine Arts;
  • Representatives from the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science;
  • Representatives from the Faculty of Arts and Science representing the following three areas: Social Science, Humanities, and Natural Science. 

Length of term

Representatives of Faculties are appointed by their respective Faculty councils typically for a three-year term, which may be renewed.


All committees generally meet once or twice during the Fall term. The major work of the committees falls in October, November, December, or March, depending on the awards competition. Members should be prepared to set aside the equivalent of three work days in October, November, December, or January (depending on the awards competitions) for the purpose of scoring and ranking candidates’ files.

SSHRC Internal Selection Committee

Pier-Pascale Boulanger / Etudes Francaises
Adeela Arshad-Ayaz/ education
Jean-Michel Roessli/Theology
James Kelly/ Political Science
Martin lefebvre/ Cinema
Chris Moore / Design Art
Chih-Chien Wang / Studio Arts
Alex Lefter / Management
Nilanjan Basu / Finance
Cynthia Girard / Studio Arts

Darren Wershler / English
Sherry Simon / Etudes Francaises
Hillary Kaell / Religion and Cultures
Mireille Paquet/ Political Science
Elyse Amend/Journalism
Erin Manning / Cinema
Shauna Janssen / Department of Theatre
Masha Salazkina / Film Studies
Lorrie Blair / Art Education
Imants Paeglis / Finance
Raymond Paquin / Management
Fred Davis / Finance

SSHRC Vanier, Trudeau, and PBEEE Selection Committee

Jason Camlot / English
Amy Poteete / Political Science
Amy Swiffen/Sociology
Ann-Louise Davidson / Education
Janis Tim-Bottos/ Creative Arts Therapies
Jonathan Lessard / Design and Computation Arts
Alan Hochstein / Finance
Xiao Huang / Management

NSERC Internal Selection Committee

Carly Ziter / Biology
John Harnad/Mathematics
Andrew Chapman / Psychology
Otmane Ait Mohamed / ECE
Fuzhan Nasiri / BCEE
Chun Wang/ CIISE
Daria Terelhov / MIAE

Doctoral and CIHR
Diane Poulin-Dubois/Psychology
Claudine Gauthier/Physics
Jean-Philippe Lessard/ Biology
Marek Majewski/Chemistry
Lyes Kadem / MIAE
Yan Liu / ECE
Nikolaos Tsantalis / CSSE
Zhibin Ye / CME
Jamal Bentahar/ CIISE

NSERC Vanier and PBEEE Selection Committee

Ingo Salzmann / Physics
Laurent Potvin-Trottier / Biology
Christopher Steele/ Psychology
Otmane Ait Mohamed / ECE
Jun Yan / CIISE
Arash Mohammadi / CIISE

CIHR Internal Selection Committee Vanier and Master's

David Walsh / Biology
Roisin O'Connor / Psychology
Brandon Findlay / Chemistry
Thanh Dang-Vu / H-KAP

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