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Seed funded projects

On February 6, 2024, Volt-Age announced seed funding for 36 research projects from Concordia and its partner institutions, the University of Calgary, Toronto Metropolitan University and Dalhousie University.

This significant investment is meant to jump-start large scale projects that will bridge the gap between academia and industry to develop green energy and foster sustainable communities.

Funded projects

Towards a Carbon Governance Living Lab: Designing and Testing Local Decarbonization Governance Experiments
Principal Investigator: Adriane MacDonald

Integrated Concentrating Solar Photovoltaic/Thermal (CPV/T) and Pumped Thermal Energy Storage (PTES) Systems in Canada’s Cold Climate
Principal Investor: Aggrey Mwesigye

Development of the Digitization of Building and Community Electrification Platform
Principal Investigator: Alan Fung

Comparing Hardening Options for Power Distribution Networks Considering Climate Change
Principal Investigator: Amin Hammad

Indigenous Clean Energy Sovereignty: Mapping a Way forward with Cogenerative Journalism
Principal Investigator: Aphrodite Salas

Enabling Trustworthy Smart Energy Solutions with a Consumer Facing Zero Trust Framework
Principal Investigator: Atefeh (Atty) Mashatan

Resilient Distribution System Microgrids
Principle Investigator: Bala Venkatesh

Active Charge Management of Electric Vehicles to Minimize Strain on Electricity Systems
Principal Investigator: Blake Shaffer

Smart Solar Community Living Lab London/Ontario
Principal Investigator: Caroline Hachem-Vermette

Advanced Electric Machine Drive Systems for Electrified Transportation and Renewable Energy
Principal Investigator: Chunyan Lai

Building a Data Collaborative for Tracking Aggregate Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Greater Montréal
Principal Investigator: Damon Matthews

National Research Capacity Building - Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles
Principal Investigator: Dominic Groulx

Polygeneration Innovation Park, Colombia: A sustainable Energy Frontier (PIPC) 
Principal Investigator: Fuzhan Nasiri

Multi-functional, Prefabricated, Energy Positive and Climate Resilient Building Envelope Systems
Principal Investigator: Hua Ge

Sodium-ion Battery for Residential Energy Storage Deployment
Principal Investigator: Jeff Dahn

CITY(retro)fit: Supporting Comprehensive Assessment of Urban Built Environment Decarbonization and Electrification Retrofit Strategies
Principal Investigator: Jenn McArthur

Development of Fast-charging Lithium-ion Batteries for the Electrification of Transportation via Canadian-sourced Minerals
Principal Investigator: Karim Zaghib

Decarbonization and Sustainable Aerospace through Electrification of Aircraft Systems - Aerospace Electric
Principal Investigator: Kash Khorasani

Eco-architecture Decarbonized 3D Printed Concrete Buildings
Principal Investigator: Khaled Galal

Creating Electrified and Decarbonized Healthy Urban Microclimate around Building Clusters through Climate-resilient Solutions
Principal Investigator: Liangzhu Leon Wang

IoT Security and Privacy for Shared Habitats
Principal Investigator: Lorenzo De Carli

Desjardins Living Lab: Building Retrofit from Design to Implementation towards Prosumer and Grid Support Services
Principal Investigator: Manar Amayri

Materials Recovery and Renewal from Used Lithium-ion Batteries
Principal Investigator: Mark Obrovac

Digital Twins for Smart Decarbonization of the Built Environment Meeting Circular Economy Criteria
Principal Investigator: Mazdak Nik-Bakht

Increasing Energy Density of Na-ion Batteries
Principal Investigator: Michael Metzger

Occupant-centric Building Decarbonization
Principal Investigator: Mohamed Ouf

A Universal AI-powered IoT Platform for Smart Buildings: Data-driven Insights with Privacy Focus
Principal Investigator: Nizar Bouguila

Comparative Analysis of the Experience and Morphology of Collective Transport Systems and their Cities: CAMMM Atlas as Didactic Tool for Planning Sustainable Mobility
Principal Investigator: Pierre Gauthier

Cellulose Biopolymer-based Flexible Nanofibrous Composite Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Next Generation Sodium-ion Batteries
Principal Investigator: Qingye (Gemma) Lu

Concordia Living Lab of Loyola Campus: Decarbonisation and operational optimisation of a community energy system
Principal Investigator: Radu Zmeureanu

Eco-friendly smart construction systems for decarbonization of construction industry
Principal Investigator: Sang Hyeok Han

City Player – A Serious Gaming Tool to Fully Engage Citizens in Sustainable Neighborhoods and Urban Mobility
Principal Investigator: Silvano De La Llata

International Community Energy Living Labs (ICELL)
Principal Investigator: Ursula Eicker

Development of Safe and High-energy Solid-state Lithium Metal Batteries towards 500 Wh/kg
Principal Investigator: Xia Li

Digital Data Analysis and Modeling Platform for Decarbonizing the Built Environment (Tools4Cities - CityLayers)
Principal Investigator: Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc

Examination and Development of Sustainable Recycling Technologies for Effective Critical Mineral Recovery from Batteries
Principal Investigator: Zhi Chen

Non-academic partners

These research projects are made possible thanks to important collaborations with non-academic partners from industry, not-for-profits and the public sector.

Seed funding evaluation process

All seed funding applications were evaluated using a transparent and equitable process.

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