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Carbohydrate-active enzymes as tools and targets in addressing health and disease

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Carbohydrate structures (or glycans) that are present on the surface of cells constitute a very important mode of intercellular communication within all organisms. A great deal of information can be encoded on these glycans by virtue of the many combinations by which different sugar units can be linked.

Carbohydrate-active enzymes are a major topic of interest within our lab. In our research program, we use specific enzymes as tools to produce carbohydrate molecules and sugar structures that either have potential as therapeutics or that will be useful in studying how specific glycans are involved in biological processes important to human health. We also study carbohydrate-processing enzymes that are associated with illness or disease—such as those found within pathogenic organisms—as therapeutic targets in efforts to develop drugs that inhibit their activity.

The postdoc will investigate the use of enzymes as biocatalysts to synthesize specific carbohydrates towards deciphering how cells of different types process their chemical signals. He or she will also study methods to develop therapeutics that block the activity of enzymes involved in the assembly of cell-surface carbohydrates both in cancers and in pathogenic bacteria, which are important in cancer malignancy and bacterial antibiotic resistance, respectively.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, or related fields with experience in carbohydrate chemistry, glycobiology, enzymology, and molecular biology.

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