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Postdoctoral fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows are an integral part of the Concordia University community and make an invaluable contribution to its research mission. As research trainees, Postdoctoral Fellows are emerging leaders in their respective fields, and have the opportunity to make significant contributions to both Concordia and the greater community.  

The principal objective of Postdoctoral Fellows is to broaden their research expertise in association with established researchers and to strengthen their publication record and curricula vitae by being exposed to and contributing to a specific research environment(s), thereby enhancing their likelihood of securing positions in academia, research establishments, and industry.

As a member of an academic Department or Research Unit, Postdoctoral Fellows work under the general supervision of one or more Concordia University faculty members and may assist with the supervision of graduate students.

  • The School of Graduate Studies provides administrative support for Postdoctoral Fellows, in registration, award administration, and information regarding financial and professional development opportunities
  • Detailed procedures on how to become a Postdoctoral Fellow at Concordia University are outlined in our Policy and procedures section
  • Our funding opportunities section outlines key awards Postdoctoral Fellows may be eligible for
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