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Regionalism as a Societal Hedge against Universalisms. The Prescience of Karl Polanyi's Vision in the 21st Century (Juan Jose Palacios, December 2021). Read
Polanyian Pathways: A Review of The Power of Market Fundamentalism: Karl Polanyi's Critique (F. Block and M. Sommers) and For a New West: Essays, 1919-1958 (G. Resta and M. Catanzariti). Jaimie Peck. Economic Geography, 92:2, 2016, pp. 226-233.
Book Review. From The Great Transformation to the Great Financialization. On Karl Polanyi and Other Essays (K. Polanyi Levitt, Zed Books, 2013). Kyle Bailey. Journal of International Development, 28, 2016, pp. 156-158.
Montchrestien in 1615:  the Beginnings of Political Economy? Jérôme Maucourant. History of Economic Ideas, XXI, 1, 2013, pp. 25-45.   Read
The Institution, the Economy & the Market:  Karl Polanyi’s Institutional Thought for Economists. Jérôme Maucourant and Sebastien Plocinizack. Review of Political Economy, XXV, 3, 2013, pp. 512-531.  Read
Revisiting The Great Transformation: Tata's Entry and Exit in West Bengal. The current relevance of Karl Polanyi's ideas with regard to development and change in poor countires. Drew Stewart, 2010. 31p. Read
The Obama Effect. Canada-US Relations in a Time of Economic Crisis Bruce Campbell, February 2009, 10p. Read
Galbraith's Farewell to Poverty, Karl Polanyi, 1959, 2p. Read
The Transformation of the World System: Some Insights from the Work of Karl Polanyi, Kari Polanyi Levitt, 2004, 12p. Read
The English Experience in the Life and Work of Karl Polanyi, Kari Polanyi Levitt, 2004, 12p. Read
Karl Polanyi and the Search for World Order, Björn Hettne, 2004, 16p. Read
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