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Participate in a Research Project

Contribute to our research by taking part in a study.

The following research studies are looking for people. To take part in a study, please contact the research team directly at the provided email address or phone number.

These projects would not be possible without the people who volunteer to take part in the research. Participants gain a useful understanding of how research takes place, and learn something interesting about the field, or themselves. Participation is open to the public.

We often send out emails to our subscription list when a research project is looking for people to take part. Sign up to be on the list.


Researcher: Thanh Dang-Vu, MD, PhD and Jean-Philippe Gouin, PhD 

Do you consider yourself a GOOD SLEEPER?

Researchers at Concordia University are conducting a study to better understand the role of brain activity during sleep.

Participation in this study will include:

  • Two overnight sleep recordings in our sleep lab
  • One MRI session at the PERFORM Centre
  • Completion of cognitive tests after sleep

We are seeking adult participants who meet the following criteria:

  1. Between 25 and 65 years old
  2. Not using medication that affects sleep
  3. No diagnosed sleep disorders (e.g., insomnia, sleep apnea)
  4. Absence of chronic illness, neurological disorder, or mental health disorder
  5. No history of brain hemorrhage, brain tumor, or brain surgery
  6. No regular night-shift work or recent travel across several time-zones
  7. No regular alcohol or substance use
  8. No contraindication to MRI

If you are interested in participating or learning more about our study,
please contact us by phone:
(514) 848-2424, ext. 2284
or by email at:

COVID-19 preventive lockdown: A study on changes imparted on sleep and activity patterns among humans.

We are seeking participants for a research project called "COVID-19 preventive lockdown: A study on changes imparted on sleep and activity patterns among humans."

Conducted by Dr. Peter Darlington from Concordia University. The purpose of the research is to understand how the stay-at-home orders during COVID-19 virus pandemic affected sleeping behaviour. To participate, go to the following link online:

Take the Survey:   English   |   French

On the link, you will be presented with a consent form, if you accept, then you will be asked eligibility questions. If you consent and are eligible, you will be presented with the survey questions.

The survey will assess your sleeping amounts, sleeping habits, physical activity, screen time and mood before and during the pandemic lockdown. This will help us to be more equipped to implement an approach to combat health issues which may emerge during and after social confinements due to viral pandemics.

There is compensation for the study, including 0.5 credits in the participant pool from psychology department, or entry into a raffle for a $20 gift card. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The possible risks are described in the consent form.

Please contact Peter Darlington at: if you want to know more or have any questions about participating.

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