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Participate in a Research Project

Contribute to our research by taking part in a study.

The following research studies are looking for people. To take part in a study, please contact the research team directly at the provided email address or phone number.

These projects would not be possible without the people who volunteer to take part in the research. Participants gain a useful understanding of how research takes place, and learn something interesting about the field, or themselves. Participation is open to the public.

We often send out emails to our subscription list when a research project is looking for people to take part. Sign up to be on the list.

Exploring Older Adults’ Perspectives on Participating in Online Music Experiences

The purpose of this pilot study is to understand older adults’ perspectives on aesthetic, relational, and technological components of online group music activities.

To participate in this study you must:

  • Be 65 years of age or older
  • Have access to a computer/tablet and a reliable internet connection
  • Be able to navigate your own participation in online zoom meetings with minimal assistance.
  • Provide informed consent for your own participation in this research project 

Participants will complete a short demographic questionnaire about their overarching music preferences. They will then attend four 1.5-2 hour online group music sessions held over a 4-6 week period via Concordia University’s secure Zoom platform. These sessions will involve various active and receptive music activities. After each online music session, participants will complete a survey (written or oral according to preference) to give feedback about the music experiences presented that day. Within three weeks of the final online music session, each participant will meet individually with the researcher for a 30-45 minute interview to discuss their overall experience of the online music groups.

No previous musical knowledge or experience is required to participate in this study.

Although the online group music sessions are NOT music therapy sessions (i.e., there will be no systematic process of intervention to purposefully promote participants’ health or wellbeing), the results of this study will be used to help design parameters for quality online music experiences to be applied in future music therapy practice and research as well as in other interactive online music making contexts.

Please contact the Principal Investigator Dr. Laurel Young ( if you are potentially interested in participating in this project.

This project has received approval from Concordia University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (certification #30014947).

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