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Funding Opportunities

Opportunities to obtain research funding through the PERFORM Centre will be posted here as they become available.

Call for Multidisciplinary Research Proposals in Preventive Health  

The PERFORM Centre is launching a call for proposals to support new, multidisciplinary, research projects in preventive health. This call is open to all but must, as a minimum, include one PERFORM research member on the team. The Multidisciplinary Research Proposals in Preventive Health call is designed to initiate translational, innovative and interdisciplinary research collaborations for projects undertaken at the PERFORM Centre. Projects are expected to lead to larger grant applications to external funding agencies.

The PERFORM Centre’s well-appointed facilities support cutting-edge research that transcends disciplines to advance preventive health research, shape future generations of researchers and practitioners, and empower individuals through community activities and services. All under one roof - our unique model allows researchers access to the highest quality imaging tools (MRI, PET/CT, SPECT/CT, DEXA, ultrasound); metabolic and teaching kitchens; a large scale cardiopulmonary unit for exercise stress testing; an expansive conditioning floor; a clinical analysis suite equipped to analyze a wide variety of biospecimens; advanced biomechanics, balance and strength functional assessment suites; a dedicated sleep facility; and an athletic therapy clinic. For further details on the facilities, please consult PERFORM’s Facilities page:


This call is launched to encourage and foster new research collaborations using multiple platforms at the PERFORM Centre. In light of the situation in which we find ourselves as a consequence of COVID 19, we will expand our objectives and criteria to now welcome and encourage projects that can be done remotely in line with the physical distancing measures. Proposals must clearly demonstrate the originality and excellence of the research approach, the impact on preventive health and/or knowledge translation, and the potential for larger funding from external agencies. Additionally, projects must demonstrate the use of multiple PERFORM platforms in the execution of the project.


Each project must take place at the PERFORM Centre. The total available budget for each call is $30,000 as follows: $10,000 will be provided in cash, $10,000 will be provided through in-kind support (use of PERFORM platforms) and $10,000 will be provided for student support. We expect to fund up to five (5) proposals.

Eligible expenses for the cash portion of the award ($10,000) include:

  • Consumables directly related to the execution of the project
  • Knowledge translation activities (publication fees, poster presentations, conferences)
  • Participant fees
  • Cost of using PERFORM platforms beyond the in-kind support
  • Salaries of professionals and/or research assistants
  • Recruitment (printed materials, advertising)
  • Other expenses that are directly relevant to the project
Eligible expenses for the in-kind portion (valued at up to $10,000) of the award include use of platforms, in particular:
  • Equipment use
  • Technologists

Eligible expenses for the student support portion of the award ($10,000) include:

  • Trainee salary or stipend (undergraduate or graduate students, postdoctoral fellows)

IMPORTANT: Should platform use be required outside normal operating hours (Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm), the cost of human resources required to support the activity will be covered through the cash portion of the award.

IMPORTANT: When developing your budget, please contact Douglas Chananda ( ext. 4495), Financial Analyst at the PERFORM Centre, to ensure that the:

  • Appropriate PERFORM rates and contingency plans are in place for additional expenses that might be incurred when conducting activities that necessitate staff (technicians, floor monitors, etc.) outside normal working hours
  • In-kind costs are included
  • All expenses are accounted for
IMPORTANT: Please contact Mr. Chananda with your budget by May 26, 2020 to allow enough time for review and revisions if required.


One of the principal investigators (PI) must be a Perform research member. Each eligible PI may only submit one (1) application (as PI) per competition.


All applications must be submitted by 5 pm EST, on Monday, June 8, 2020. We expect to make announcements by July 6, 2020.

Please note that this is a firm deadline and no requests for extensions will be accepted.

Applications are to be submitted to the following email address using “Call for multidisciplinary proposals 2020_PI name” in the subject field.

Should you require additional information, please contact Lynn Roy, Assistant Director Research Development Initiatives at or by phone at 514-848-2424 ext. 4452.

Note that only complete applications will be considered and sent for evaluation.

Application Process

All applications must include the following components in this order:

  1. A title page with a list of research team members and their affiliation
  2. A one-page executive summary
  3. A 5-page research proposal which includes:
    1. List of principal and co-investigators, which details their expertise and specific role in the project
    2. Specific research question or hypothesis to be considered
    3. Overview of relevant background information and scientific rationale
    4. Design and methodology
    5. Impact of the proposed research
    6. Detailed budget justification and timetable
  4. Curriculum vitae of each research member (free format)
  5. Confirmation that Douglas Chananda has reviewed the budget (cash and in-kind portions). An email confirming review and approval of the budget can be attached to your application.
  6. If you have previously received funding from the PERFORM Centre please include a one page summary of the research project outlining the research findings and knowledge translation activities that stemmed from findings. If data deriving from project was used to apply for supplemental funding, please provide details.


All proposals must be submitted using Times New Roman 12 point, black type with a maximum of six lines per inch. Margins should be formatted at 2 cm (3/4 inch) – minimum – around the page.

Evaluation Criteria

Projects will be evaluated by the PERFORM Scientific Engagement and Advisory Committee in coordination with the Scientific Review Board, in accordance with the criteria outlined below, and final approval will be given by PERFORM’s Executive Committee.

  1. Research strategy (80)
  • Research concept: Scientific rationale that considers critical review and analysis of preliminary data and/or published literature, as appropriate (30)
  • Research approach: Appropriate justification of the methods, including study design, participants, data collection and analyses (30)
  • Fit with the objectives of this call for proposals (20), including:
    • Originality / innovation
    • Impact on preventive health and/or knowledge translation strategy
    • Use of multiple platforms at Perform
    • Potential for larger funding
  1. Research Team (20)
  • Demonstrated expertise in the research areas and methods covered by the proposed project
  • Demonstration that the research team is multidisciplinary
  • Past research contributions and achievements


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