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We are furnished with cutting-edge equipment that is used in biomechanics research and clinical assessments. We service a wide range of fields including clinical research, occupational biomechanics, athletic performance and industrial research.


The Functional Assessment Suite has platforms designed to conduct tests that measure movement, flexibility, strength and balance.

Our team

Supervisor, Functional Assessment Suite – Marchiano Oh

Marchiano Dong Jun Oh

Marchiano joined PERFORM as the Supervisor of the Functional Assessment Suite. He oversees biomechanics-related activities. Marchiano supports academic and industry researchers with multiple facets of biomechanical projects including coordinating time, space and equipment requirements, data collection and post-collection processing, analysis and presentation. He has programming expertise in MATLAB and is very knowledgeable in motion capture, EMG, force measurement and biomechanical signal processing and analysis.

Marchiano received his BSc in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo and his MSc in Biomechanics from Queen’s University. He has also worked at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute where he furthered his research and enhanced his technical knowledge and skills.

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