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Education Opportunities


Unparalleled educational opportunities

The PERFORM Centre offers university-level students with unparalleled educational opportunities from within a multidisciplinary learning facility unique in its kind.

Collaborate with experts

Students working at PERFORM — whether they are enrolled in professional-quality internships or research assistantships — get the opportunity to work directly with researchers and professionals who are on the cutting edge in their field.

Undergraduate Internships

  • Athletic Therapy Clinical Internship, 200 hours or 400 hours
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology Internship
  • Dietetics Internship
  • Music Therapy Internship
  • Marketing Internship

Benefits for Undergrad Students

  • Hands-on work with clients
  • Hands-on training and work with state-of -the-art equipment
  • Face-to-face training from our experts: researchers, instructors and unit coordinators

Observation Hours

Graduate Studies

Graduate students from Concordia and beyond are invited to pursue their studies at PERFORM.

Benefits for Grad Students

  • Hands-on internships with the best equipment in the field
  • Face-to-face training from researchers and instructors and unit coordinators
  • Study areas for graduate students
  • Specialized teaching laboratories

Access and support

All Concordia University students have access to PERFORM Centre services —such as the PERFORM Centre Gym and other community health programs at reduced rates.

Educational Tours & Workshops

PERFORM Centre offers guided tours and educational workshop opportunities to high schools and CEGEPS. Please conatct Education Opportunities Manager for more information, and to setup fun opportunities for your class/students.

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