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People Like Me Wellness Programs

The People Like Me programs are designed for people who are living with a chronic illness. The purpose of the programs are to help them learn how to find balance in their lives through a holistic approach and develop a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Key components to the program:

  • Exercise training
  • Education
  • Relaxation
  • Social Support

In the People Like Me programs, participants will learn how to exercise safely and effectively with their chronic illness. They will learn how to recognise inflammatory states (flare ups), how to stay active in a time of flare up, and also how to modify or slow down activity in these times.

Participants will come in for a one-on-one physical assessment with the certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP), who will then use the results to develop personalised exercises, as well as exercises that will be incorporated into a bi-weekly group exercise class. Exercise will be done in a group setting, in both a private exercise room and on the gym floor.

Relaxation methods are taught to help with both the mental and physical stresses of living with chronic illness and pain. This component can include deep breathing, and relaxation cues.

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