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Kinesiology Clinic

PERFORM's NEW Kinesiology Clinic delivers prompt and professional care to researchers, staff , faculty, students, athletes and the general public.

The Clinic is staffed by kinesiology internship students and supervised by a certified kinesiologist. As a client, you will be met by a student intern in an assessment appointment. Your Kin Intern will gather information on your goals and medical history to assist in developing the right exercise program to meet your needs. Once the assessment is complete, the student intern will schedule another appointment to review your results and present the program they have developed for you. The delivery of the program will take place on the conditioning floor.

The clinic is able to accommodate one-on-one appointments and group assessments, (up to three people at a time). The Clinic is located in a semi-private space and is used for performing fitness assessments. All training appointments will be in the gym.


Basic Assessment and Introductory Program

45 min. assessment and 45 min. program delivery  | 

Student Kin Clinic: $80 + tax

This program is designed for healthy individuals wanting to get a basic program to help them get started in the gym. This program is not for people with health conditions or people wanting complex multiple programs.

Comprehensive Fitness Package    

2 x 90 min. sessions |

Student Kin Clinic: $159 + tax

This program is designed for those wanting a detailed description of their fitness level. This package is ideal for serious fitness-minded individuals who would like a multi-tiered program with more than one exercise plan, and for those who may have mobility issues or health conditions needing an adapted program. A safe and effective exercise program will be designed based on the results of the 90 minute fitness assessment.

Functional Movement Screen and Program

2 x 30 min. sessions  |

Student Kin Clinic: $60 + tax

This functional movement screen is a certified program developed by Functional Movement Systems IncTM. Our Level 3 trainers are specially certified use FMS to assess movement and provide corrective exercises to improve performance and prevent injury.

Initial/ Follow up Fitness Assessment

 2 hr. session |

Student Kin Clinic: $89 + tax

These fitness assessments are appropriate for gym members who would like more knowledge about their current level of fitness. Includes biometric, cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility assessments. This program does not include an exercise program. Ideal for athletes' pre and post training season.  

Revised Program Design

 1 hr. session |

Student Kin Clinic: $60 + tax

For gym members who would like to revise their current program. Gym members meet with a trainer to ensure that changes are safe, effective and get the desired results. Follow up fitness assessment and revised program design combo: $119-210 + tax.

Training Appointments

Single units: 30 min. session  | $ 15 + tax

                  1 hr. session  | $ 15+ tax

Package of 5: 30 min. sessions | $99  + tax

                    1 hr. sessions | $199  + tax

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