Youth Injury Prevention

Athletic Therapy and Injury Prevention

About the Program

The PERFORM Centre Athletic Therapy Clinic offers a program to prevent musculoskeletal injuries in young athletes. Teams of young athletes will have the opportunity to meet with an Athletic Therapy internship student for a one-on-one evaluation, with the potential of receiving a specific exercise program to address any muscular and functional impairments that may have been found in the evaluation appointment. Then the players will come in, as a group to perform sports specific testing.

The athletes will be given a warm up and cool down to do before practices and games, as well as any recommendations for the individual athletes, such as continuing treatment with an Athletic therapy student to develop an individualized exercise program based on any weaknesses and imbalances that may have been found during the assessment. All sessions will be supervised by a Certified Athletic Therapist.

Goals & Benefits

  • Individual programs based on one-on-one evaluations can increase strength, flexibility and functional movement of each young athlete
  • Allowing young athletes to perform at their best while preventing chronic injuries
  • Take athletes backgrounds into account during initial sessions to better assess how to prevent musculoskeletal injuries

This program is available to preteen or teen athletes who wish to try and reduce their risk of chronic injury in the upcoming season.

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