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Personal Training

Our trainers are experts in the field of fitness and preventative health

PERFORM’s qualified fitness professionals have advanced academic and practical preparation in exercise science, physical activity, fitness and health and hold a recognized Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Certified Personal Trainer certification or the more advanced CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist certification. PERFORM also offers personal training from internship students and apprentices who work under the supervision of certified professionals.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to work with a level 1; level 2; or level 3 trainer. Trainers are available weekends. Virtual training appointments are also available.

Level 1: specialises in working with healthy population

Level 2: specialises in working with chronic illness population

Level 3: specialises in working with chronic illness, medical high-risk, disabilities, competitive athletes

Student Kin Clinic: open to all. Kinesiology students will work directly with a certified kinesiologist to provide each service.

Individual Conditioning Programs

Programs (prices in the table do not include taxes) Clinic Students Clinic Public
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Basic Assessment and Introductory Program-

Includes two appointments of 45 min-75 min.

This program is designed for those wanting one basic program to get started on the conditioning floor.


- $80 $86 $104 $140

  Additional program






  Additional fitness component






Comprehensive Fitness Package – 2 x 1 ½ - 2 hr appointments

A safe and effective exercise program will be designed based on the results of a complete fitness assessment.

$75 $149 $173 $207 $280

Functional Movement Screen and Program – 2 x ½ hr

This screen, developed by Functional Movement Systems Inc.TM, is designed to assess movement and provide corrective exercises to improve performance and prevent injury.

$25 $60 $65 $78 $105

Initial/ Follow up Fitness Assessment – 2 hr

These fitness assessments are appropriate for participants who would like more knowledge about their current level of fitness. Includes cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility assessments, and goal counseling.

$45 $89 $97 $117 $158

Revised Program Design – 2 hr

This service is available to participants who want to revise their current program. Participants meet with a trainer to ensure that changes are safe, effective and get the desired results.

$45 $89 $97 $117 $158

Follow up Fitness Assessment and Revised Program Design combo (2 appointments)

1.5 hr assessment and 1 hr program delivery 

$60 $120 $130 $156 $210

Training Appointments  

For participants who have an existing PERFORM program and would like support, via skype or in person, while they exercise. The appointments can be used to discuss healthy lifestyle goals and next steps. * For members only. Non-members are required to pay a day pass fee. ** Buy ten get one free.

30 min






60 min






5 x 1 hr






Student Kinesiology Clinic

The clinic is able to accommodate one-on-one appointments and group assessments, (up to three people at a time). The Clinic is located in a semi-private space and is used for performing fitness assessments. All training appointments will be in the PERFORM Gym.

The Clinic is staffed by kinesiology internship students and supervised by a certified kinesiologist. Find out more

Services and Products

SmartKey™ Introduction/Renewal     

30 min. session | $13 + tax | 16 weeks use

The Technogym SmartKey™ is for participants who would like to electronically track their workouts.

Equipment orientation - FREE

Are you new on the conditioning floor and need help with learning how to use the state-of-the-art equipment? This complimentary equipment orientation has been designed for you! Make an appointment at reception to reserve your orientation.

% Body Fat Analysis        

30 min. session  |  $37 + tax

A high-quality bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) device provides participants with accurate information regarding body fat percentage. A great benchmark for a fitness program. This test is done through our Cardio-pulmonary suite.

Other services

We also offer athletic therapy, nutrition services and cardio-pulmonary services. For more information, contact us.

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