Baseline Concussion Testing

Baseline test are used to assess the cognitive function of an athlete prior to the occurrence of a concussion, activity or treatment.

The PERFORM Centre of Concordia University uses a concussion baseline software test called ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). This state-of-the-art software is the most widely used baseline concussion assessment system and is trusted by major sports teams such as the MLB, NHL, NFL and WWE.

Concussions are not always easy to diagnose due to a wide range of symptoms, which poses a challenge for coaches, personal trainers, parents, and health professionals. These individuals will often have difficulty determining the specific needs of the injured athlete. With a baseline test, an athlete can come post symptom to re-test to get specific data that will help doctors and therapists determine the best course of action post- injury for the athlete.

Benefits of taking a baseline test with PERFORM

  • The ImPACT test has been scientifically validated through over 15 years of university-based research.
  • Medical professionals can easily track recovery following a concussion and make better recommendations concerning academic accommodations.
  • Health care providers can make safer assessments of when to return an athlete back to play.
  • The test is for athletes aging 7+ years old that may be susceptible to concussion due to participation in contact or high impact sports.

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