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Athletic Therapy


Athletic Therapists assesses and treats all manner of musculoskeletal issues. If you’ve injured a muscle, bone or joint, then athletic therapy could help you.
PERFORM's Athletic Therapy Clinic delivers prompt and professional care to staff and faculty, students as well as the general public. The Clinic is a fully functional treatment centre with the very latest in equipment and modalities, including Swim-Ex for aqua therapy.

The Clinic is staffed by athletic therapy internship students and supervised by certified athletic therapists. Upon arrival at the Athletic Therapy Clinic, clients are met by a student intern who gathers information on medical history and performs a physical evaluation in order to arrive at a treatment plan. Each plan is overviewed by a supervisor who ensures that all appropriate tests and enquiries have been made. Only once a proper course of action is identified does treatment begin.

The Clinic is also involved in developing community-accessible athletic therapy programs and research studies. In doing so, it provides clients with the opportunity to contribute to —and benefit from— the highest quality preventative and therapeutic care.

Modalities and equipment

  • Swim-ex aquatic therapy pool with underwater treadmill
  • Electrical Modalities: TENS, IFC, MENS, Highvolt
  • Thermotherapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Continuous Passive ROM
  • Compression sleeves
  • Exercise Area
  • Game Ready Unit
  • Portable Whirlpool
  • Cryotherapy


Baseline concussion testing

Baseline test are used to assess the cognitive function of an athlete prior to the occurrence of a concussion, activity or treatment. The PERFORM Centre of Concordia University has acquired a new concussion baseline software test called ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). This state-of-the-art software is the most widely used baseline concussion assessment system and is trusted by major sports teams such as the MLB, NHL, NFL and WWE. Detailed information here.

Youth injury prevention program

The Youth Injury Prevention program is designed to help prevent musculoskeletal injuries in young athletes. Teams of young athletes will have the opportunity to meet with an Athletic Therapy intern for a one-on-one evaluation, and will do sports specific testing with their team. They will receive a specific exercise program to help with the muscular and functional impairments that are directed primarily to the needs of each player, and they will receive a group exercise program. All sessions will be supervised by a Certified Athletic Therapist. Detailed information here.

Biodex Isokinetic Testing

Isokinetic testing is an ideal method to determine the true force output of a muscle group after an injury or surgery, and is an effective tool to help determine safe and effective return to sport or activity. It can also help to identify where the weaknesses are in a range, and therefore help the clinician design a proper program to help improve performance.

Aqua Therapy

Using a SwimEx 700 physical therapy resistance pool, clients are treated with isokinetic aquatic therapy and rehab. The SwimEx pool is located in a separate area within the clinic, with a private changing room and shower. The resistance pool has adjustable platforms for depth, adjustable water current and water temperature control. There are two viewing windows on either side of the pool, should filming or observing the activity be needed.

Common uses for the aqua therapy pool:

  •    Post-surgical rehab
  •    Strengthening and conditioning for low-mobility clients (i.e. arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, stroke, etc)
  •    Intense Strengthening and conditioning for athletes 

* Certain criteria must be met for eligibility for aqua therapy. Please contact us for further information.

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