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PERFORM Colloquium:
Aging, behaviors, confinement and dating; the ABCDs surrounding COVID


A webinar of four short research talks exploring how the effects of COVID affect our daily lives. Divided into 4 parts, each video is embedded below. They are also available on YouTube as a playlist.

  1. "A Research Agenda on Aging-in-place for Pandemic and Post-pandemic Times" - Meghan Joy, Assistant Professor, Concordia University
  2. "International COVID-19 Awareness and Responses Evaluation Study – The iCARE Study" - Simon Bacon, Professor, Concordia University
  3.  "Correlates of Psychological Distress During COVID-19-Relate Confinement" - Jean-Philippe Gouin, Associate Professor, Concordia University
  4. "The year of the virtual date: Dating apps’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic" - Stefanie Duguay, Assistant Professor, Concordia University

For those of you who were unable to join the webinar live, the stream is now available for everyone to watch here or on YouTube as a 4-part playlist.

Speaker Bios and Videos:

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