Message from the Interim Scientific Director

When I first came to Concordia a year ago, I was immediately struck by the immense interdisciplinary research opportunities the PERFORM Centre’s eight inter-related platforms offered. I was also drawn to our members’ passion for their research, as well as to their drive to generate impactful research that transcends traditional disciplines and empowers future generations of academics and practitioners.

As we look to the future, we will continue to build on PERFORM’s unique positioning to expand our contribution to science and community through interdisciplinary collaborations and integration of our platforms, and cohort development to create links between engineering, science, technology, psychology, exercise science, creative arts therapies and more.

As you will read in this year’s annual activity report, we have already started the process of bringing together our pillars of education, community and research to create links between our members, platforms and programs. For example, our teams in both the Cardio-Pulmonary Suite and Functional Assessment Lab worked with community groups to develop and offer programs for their target populations while overseeing a number of projects in support of our members’ preventive health research.

This year, in support of our strategic goal to maximize use of PERFORM’s unique multi-disciplinary capabilities to expand its contribution to science and community, we will create a new scientific committee with the mandate of fostering research collaborations that use multiple platforms (Athletic Therapy Clinic, Cardio-Pulmonary Suite, Clinical Analysis Suite, Conditioning Floor, Functional Assessment Lab, Imaging Suite, Nutrition Suite and Sleep Laboratory). We will also create opportunities for dialogue and exchange so that our members can come together to create research cohorts and define scientific investigations for understanding and modelling of humans.

We have built a strong and solid foundation on which to create links between research programs; educational opportunities and community engagement/outreach. This integrated, whole approach will serve as a roadmap to enabling research to predict “healthy life” at the individual level which is the future
of preventive health.

Habib Benali,
Scientific Director,

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