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Join a cooking webinar created for Concordia Stingers athletes by dietetics intern Evilina Shishkova to learn a simple recipe and learn more about nutrition to support your performance and recovery, hosted by PERFORM dietitian Théa Demmers.



Mental health problems affect the lives of a significant number of people each year. Lifestyle choices (e.g. good diet, adequate sleep, leisure engagement) can have a positive impact on the mental health and well-being of all individuals including those with mental health problems.

This webinar will provide an overview of mental health, mental health problems, and some of the positive choices we can make to improve our overall mental health.



Join PERFORM Centre dietetic intern, Karine Solomon, for this Korean-Bowl Cooking webinar where you will learn to make a Korean-style lentil bowl, as well several food safety tips, hosted by PERFORM dietitian Théa Demmers.



Running is an accessible activity for many populations that has a number of physiological and psychological health benefits.

Hosted by PERFORM's certified Athletic Therapists, this webinar will aim to provide novice runners with information to help them prevent injuries, and will cover topics from basic tests to do before starting the activity, to tips on proper nutrition and footwear, to an activation and warm up routine, all to help get the runner the most out of their activity.



Cooking is a great way to discuss nutrition.

Round up the kids and have them partake in the creation of a quick and easy, protein-packed, vegan salad for lunch.

Webcast on May 1, 2020. The video is now online for those who missed it live.



The current pandemic and the resulting restrictions have caused extensive disruption to our daily lives. These changes generate stress that can interfere with our sleep.

What are the consequences of this stress for our sleep patterns? Why is it important to take care of our sleep requirements in this time of crisis, especially for the most vulnerable? How can we maintain good sleep quality under these conditions?

More info.


A quick informal Google search shows that the most relevant sites to the question “How do people feel during the covid-19 pandemic?” relate to people’s mental health, with stress, anxiety and depression listed as common concerns. So how do we practice some healthy lifestyle habits to manage stress in the middle of a global pandemic? In this webinar, PERFORM Centre’s Christina Weiss and Théa Demmers share some strategies related to being active and eating well.

More info.

National Health & Fitness Day is this Saturday!


National Health & Fitness Day  

For Canadian National Health and Fitness day, on June 2, 2018, the PERFORM Centre will be hosting a few free activities for the general public. Drop-in and try the gym for free, access will be granted all day from 8AM to 6PM. 

There will be 2 free group exercises classes, Bootcamp and Zumba, taught by 2 of our pro trainers. Our detitian has also prepared a pre and post-workout smoothie recipe for you too enjoy.


Giving students a first-hand look at research in the health sciences


Montreal CEGEP and high school students visit PERFORM

In recent months graduating students from Montreal area CEGEPs and high schools have visited the PERFORM Centre to get hands-on experience in our labs and learn more about the sciences in a University setting.

Since it opened its doors in 2011, PERFORM has welcomed hundreds of students interested in pursuing their studies in the sciences. [more...]

Nutrition Month 2018 - The Potential to Bring Us Together: Why Share Meals with Others?


Enjoy the benefits of bringing families and friends together with food.

Canadians are busy! In a recent Ipsos poll, 30 per cent of Canadians said it’s challenging to find time to eat meals with friends and family. But, it’s important to share meals, because it opens dialogue, connects people and helps us eat a more balanced diet. It’s an enriching experience for people of all ages to share meals -- from children to older adult. This Nutrition Month, dietitians want to remind you of the power of coming together for shared meals.


Nutrition Month 2018 - The Potential to Heal: Dietitians are Here to Help


Learn how food can promote healing and how dietitians work in health care teams to make a difference.

Dietitians believe in and understand the potential of food to enhance lives and improve health. Dietitians can help you select and prepare the foods you need to meet your nutrient needs. They use food to promote healing, and educate about how nutrition can help prevent or manage certain conditions, such as diabetes, celiac disease, swallowing problems (dysphagia), heart conditions, cancer and more. This Nutrition Month, dietitians want to remind you of the potential of food for healing.


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