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LTQ Orbitrap Velos with ETD (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

LTQ Orbitrap Velos - ETD (Thermo Scientific)

Applications: Protein analysis (bottom-up proteomics, top-down proteomics, post translational modification (PTM) analysis and relative quantitation); Metabolite analysis (untargeted metabolomics and metabolite structural elucidation); Lipid analysis (untargeted lipidomics, shotgun lipidomics). Click here to see more.

Ionization Sources: Heated electrospray ionization (H-ESI) and nanospray ESI (NSI)

Sample Introduction: HPLC (Agilent 1260), nanoLC (Thermo EASY nLC II) and LDTD (Phytronix)

Mass Analyzer: Orbitrap & linear ion trap MS

Mass Range: m/z 50-2,000, m/z 200-4000

Resolution: 60,000 at m/z 400 at a scan rate of 1 Hz, maximum resolution >100,000 at m/z 400

Accuracy: <3 ppm with external calibration, <1 ppm using internal calibration

ETD (electron transfer dissociation), generates complementary information for highly sensitive PTM analysis and peptide de novo sequencing.

LDTD (laser diode thermal desorption), direct sample introduction ion source for high-throughput analysis of metabolites.

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