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Pedagogical support

The CSLP provides pedagogical support for the Learning Toolkit at no charge to research sites.

Non research sites
CSLP Training

The CSLP strongly recommends that teachers in schools or districts wishing to use CSLP educational software receive proper pedagogical training and follow-up support. Training may be available locally or the CSLP can be contacted to arrange teacher professional development. Similarly, before training and classroom use occur, proper installation and testing of CSLP software must be undertaken.

Institutes and Customized Training.

Fall (October) and Spring (April) Training Institutes will be conducted at the CSLP when there is sufficient interest and funding. These will be one-day sessions, for training on one tool or two-day sessions for training on two tools. The Institute will be offered at a nominal cost (e.g. $100 per person per day, and release time, travel, accommodations and meals are expenses borne by the attendee, not the CSLP).

CSLP Customized Training is available by request and subject to the availability of CSLP staff.

Rates are as follows: 
• Full day (no prep; some materials for the "canned" presentation) = $500 
• Half day (no prep, some materials for the "canned" presentation) = $300 
• Travel time (round trip) = $200 half day; $300 day 
• Travel costs = airfare or kilometers, ground costs, accommodations, meals, etc.
• Special preparation--half day = $200; full day = $300 
• Special materials, supplies, etc. (e.g., disks, handouts, and so on, if beyond the usual "canned" presentation)--cost recovery including time (rough estimate).

Support from partners

The CSLP welcomes the involvement of our partners in promoting, disseminating and supporting the use of our educational tools. Because of its funding and mandate as a research centre, the CSLP needs to focus its energies on supporting research sites, especially primary research sites. Therefore, the CSLP would welcome the involvement of partners willing to provide additional support especially as the use of these tools scales up. This support might include: promotion at conferences and on partner websites; pedagogical training personnel; technical support services; and so on.

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