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ePEARL for teachers

Teacher-exclusive features include:

  • Easy access for viewing students' ePEARLs
  • Commenting capabilities on specific student fields
  • Colour codes visible only to teachers
  • Management of students' ePEARL levels
  • Embedded teacher support
A teacher's view

If you are a teacher, you will be happy to know that we designed ePEARL in a way that would provide you extra support, while still reflecting the general structure of the students' ePEARLs. Some features that are visible only to the teacher, like the additional set of colour codes, will help you manage student work and keep track of what you need to do now or later on.


Other features will support you in leading your students through the self-regulation tasks ePEARL encourages. Teachers can designate different ePEARL levels for each student according to individual needs. You can also give students access to their own ePEARL folders - to model a task, to give examples or to share an entry.


Level 4 offers teachers an opportunity to create a professional portfolio. Teachers can link their practice, lesson plans, to the built-in teacher's professional competencies. Teachers can share their lesson plans and work to enhance their experiences in the classroom and learn form one another.

Teacher resources

Extra support for teachers:

  • Frequently Asked Questions about using ePEARL
  • Rubric and Learning Log templates
  • Printable user manuals
  • Support videos
  • Online community of users
  • Virtual Tutorial

We know that learning to use new software can sometimes take time - something that is extremely precious for teachers. That is why ePEARL has additional support documents and templates that can be downloaded, printed or attached to ePEARL entries.

We also offer practical videos that will make ePEARL easy to use in classrooms. These are accessible from within the software in help features and on the Teacher Resources page.

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