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As an interactive, web-based tool that supports beginning readers, ABRACADABRA offers dozens of engaging activities and digital stories. The software also links to the CSLP's digital portfolio software, ePEARL, and the repository of digital stories, READS.

ABRA contains many resources and tools for teacher and parents. Click on the boxes below to find out about ABRA's Instruction, Professional Development, Communication, and Assessment features.

  • ABRA offers a wide variety of stories appropriate for different reading levels. Students can read the stories, have the text read to them, or click on words to hear the pronunciation.

  • ABRA activities develop a variety of reading skills including:
    • word-level practice such as letter/sound recognition and word segmenting;
    • fluency exercises like modeled reading and expression;
    • comprehension and writing skills such as sequencing events in a story and writing sentences.
  • Stories and activities allow students to practice the entire range of skills necessary to be a successful reader.
Professional Development
  • Video demonstrations guide teachers in understanding and presenting the skills their students need when learning how to read.
  • Teachers have access to printable resources and suggested lesson plans.
  • Teachers are able to view an animated demonstration of each of the instructional activities within ABRACADABRA to help them more easily integrate the tool into their classroom teaching.
  • Through online discussions, educational professionals can share their experiences, best practices, lesson plans, and anecdotal remarks about using ABRA in their classrooms.
  • ABRA provides students reports to teachers, giving them an up-to-date record of students’ progress for developing reading skills.
  • Accessible and reliable activity statistics and error reports allow teachers to assess students’ understanding and reading level quickly, making practice and remediation plans easy to organize.

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