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The CSLP's Systematic Review has conducted a variety of reviews, primarily in the area of educational technology. The result of some of these reviews have been summarized for the educational field and published as Knowledge Links.

CanKnow. (2006, April). New Approaches, New Solutions (NANS): Intervention strategies and the role of school boards: A review of the research. Knowledge Link, 1(2).

CanKnow. (2006, April). Review of e-learning in Canada: Rough sketch of the evidence, gaps and promising directions. Knowledge Link, 1(1).

CanKnow. (2007, April). DMI/ELS - ETSB laptop research project. Knowledge Link, 2(1).

Wozney, L. & CSLP. (2009, Jan.). Systematic Review of Dropout Prevention Programmes in Canada. Knowledge Link, 2(2).

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