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A practical toolkit for community, police, health and education stakeholders in Canada to understand racial and social profiling and to find ways forward.


This toolkit unpacks the problem of racial and social profiling in marginalized communities and considers some solutions. It was commissioned by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and developed by Project Someone at Concordia University.

The toolkit is organized around five questions:

1.  What is racial and social profiling?

2.  What is the current situation?

3.  How do we unpack profiling?

4.  What is the impasse?

5.  What are some ways forward?


Vivek Venkatesh, Kathryn Urbaniak, Manasvini Narayana, Éva Roy, Léah Snider, Emma Haraké, Élsa Mondesir Villefort, Leigh Glynn-Finnegan, Connie Roman, Jean-Marc Duchesne, Shayla Chilliak, Neal Rockwell


Canadian Commission for UNESCO


Will Prosper (Hoodstock), JR Hayes and Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer), Équipe mixte en itinérance – policiers et intervenants (ÉMIPIC) from Val d’Or, Jeanette Brazeau and Pierre Papatie  (Elders from the Anishnabe First Nation of Lac-Simon, near the municipality of Val-d'Or)


English French

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