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Landscape of Hope

landscape_of_hope Credit: Dezy Nair

Landscape of Hope is a unique, evidence-based intervention that magnifies youth narratives as they pertain to building resilience against racism, discrimination, prejudice and cyber bullying.

The digital art initiative is youth-led and designed to empower them with critical digital literacy skills and social media tools to create cutting-edge multimedia performances and installations that describe their experiences with hate, discrimination and cyber bullying. Our aim is to implement and evaluate a sustainable, multi-sectoral, culturally-relevant, youth-led approach to creating media-based narratives that accurately reflect youths’ lived experiences, with the ultimate objective of reducing instances of discrimination.


Vivek Venkatesh, Owen Chapman, Kathryn Urbaniak, Annabelle Brault, Sandra Chang-Kredl, Martin Lalonde, Jason Wallin, Jessie Beier, David Hall


Concordia University, FRQ


St Jax, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Tromsø Artic Pride (Norway), Concordia University, Eistnaflug  (Iceland), Anchorage Museum (USA)



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