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Landscape of Hate

landscape_of_hate Credit: Jessie Beier

Landscape of Hate is an improvised multimedia project with the objective of promoting and favouring the public voice in framing pluralistic dialogues about how we negotiate various forms of hate in our society. Events typically consist of a combination of panel discussions, debates, art expositions and performances.  Landscape of Hate performances include a combination of original compositions of electronic music, audio samples, social media feeds, soundscapes and video projections. The lyrical materials are derived from data collected from the Internet, research interviews and other public sources.


Vivek Venkatesh, Owen Chapman, Jason Wallin, Leticia Trandafir, Danji Buck-Moore, Annabelle Brault, Martin Lalonde, Jessie Beier, David Hall


Concordia University, Public Safety Canada, FRQ


Evenko, Bergen International Festival (Norway)



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