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From Hate to Hope

From_Hate_to_Hope1 Credit: Vahan Saghdejian​

"From Hate to Hope: Building Understanding and Resilience" is an interactive Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) developed by Project Someone. The course is available is English, French and Arabic. The 10-hour course engages particpants to explore the dynamics of hate, including the ways in which people are manipulated to feel and express hate. Participants gain strategies for building resilience to hate through dialogue and examine how to integrate best practices using social media for advocacy. Finally, they analyze and develop strategies for using social media to build resilience in different sectors.


Vivek Venkatesh, Kathryn Urbaniak, Manasvini Narayana, Rawda Harb,


Global Affairs Canada, Public Safety Canada


Knowledge 1

Youth Association of the Blind and the Inclusion Network (Lebanon), Collective for Research and Training Development Action (Lebanon), Basmeh and Zeitooneh (Lebanon), Majed Abu Sharar Media Foundation (Lebanon), and Heritage College (Lebanon).



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