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Professional development

The tools developed at the CSLP are available without charge to the educational community, however it is recommended that prior to using our tools, educators receive training to ensure their successful integration into classroom practice.

Professional development for the Learning Toolkit

The CSLP regularly offers one day workshops on specific tools within the Learning Toolkit and three day LTK training institutes.

One-day workshops are being planned for IS-21 and ELM. Dates will be posted under LTK Announcements in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in attending or would like more information, please contact Anne Wade.


ABRACADABRA, an early literacy tool, contains 32 alphabetic, fluency, comprehension and writing (spelling) activities linked to 17 digitized stories.


ELM is designed to develop young students' number sense and strategic thinking.



ePEARL is an electronic portfolio that supports the process of learning by encouraging goal setting, reflection, conferencing and continuous improvement through self-regulation.


IS-21 is designated to introduce late elementary/early secondary students (and their teachers) to the fundamental components of information literacy by guiding students through the inquiry process.


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