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Research & transfer

Axis 1: Learning, Affect and Performance: This axis analyzes broad educational goals, how to create and structure curricula, and how best to draw upon learners’ existing experiences and knowledge. CSLP researchers investigate the way learners acquire knowledge (i.e., their learning processes), what they experience while learning (i.e., their affect during pedagogical encounters), as well as how they perform (i.e., the outcomes of their learning).

Axis 2: Learning Tools: This axis addresses the design, development, implementation and evaluation of innovative learning tools both in the digital realm and within classroom environments.

CSLP-Research&Transfer-ResearchAxes-EN Theme 1.1: Didactique / Curriculum and Pedagogy
Theme 1.2: Cognitive and Affective Processes in Learning
Theme 1.3: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Learning
Theme 2.1: Established Learning Platforms for Literacy, Numeracy and Science
Theme 2.2: Social Pedagogical Tools to Promote Critical Digital Literacy


CSLP members are involved in a variety of research and development projects.

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CSLP researchers have developed a number of instruments which are freely available for research purposes.

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Systematic reviews

Comprehensive research syntheses on questions that address the impact of various educational interventions on student learning outcomes

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