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Media: Past and Future Tense

No other epoch has been so cajoled, surrounded, dominated, or freed by media. The discussion focuses on writing and teaching about these themes as they transform from older too newer media, mainly, but not exclusively in the Canadian and Quebec contexts. The event is sponsored by the Concordia Centre for Broadcasting Studies in celebration of its thirty year history as an interdisciplinary site for social and cultural analysis of media artefacts and events.

When: Date March 23, 1:30 to 3:00 pm

Where: Concordia Centre for Broadcasting Studies, Atrium, Samuel Bronfmann Building, 1590 Dr. Penfield (Corner of Côtes de Neige)

There will be a reception following the panel discussion to celebrate the CCBS Thirtieth anniversary.

Please RSVP to or telephone 514-848-7719

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