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The first of its kind, the think tank serves as a neutral platform for industry professionals and researchers to focus on a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the sector.

The Aviation Think Tank is a focal point for international organizations operating in the global policy and regulatory spheres, capitalizing on Montreal’s unique position as an important centre of Canada’s aviation industry and a world-class hub of aerospace research and development.

The think tank advances innovative ideas and proposes evidence-based policies to support sustained growth in this dynamic, rapidly evolving industry for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Independent and impartial, it draws on the expertise of leaders in multiple domains and sectors, providing a unique forum for intersectoral, international and interdisciplinary exchanges, as well as a channel for communicating novel, forward-looking ideas.


Network building and collaborative problem-solving within a variety of industries were critical components to my past work. I believe our Think Tank has the capacity to build connections that will lead to tomorrow’s solutions in aviation.

François Bouilhac, executive director, Aviation Think Tank at Concordia
Assistant deputy minister (2000-2010), Government of Quebec
President, COMREL International

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