Youjung Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

Youjung Kim, PhD
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3310

Youjung Kim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment. He teaches representation methods, urban ecology, and urban planning in the developing world. His research investigates how we can reduce the impacts of natural disasters and create more resilient built environments through GIS technology, planning process, plan policies, and urban design.

He holds a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Science from Texas A&M University, two M.S. in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University and Seoul National University, and a B.E. in Architecture and Civil Engineering from Sungkyunkwan University. Before pursuing a Ph.D., he worked as an urban designer/planner at Haeahn Architecture, JINA Architecture, and Samsung Construction & Trade for seven years, experiencing various scaled plans internationally.

Teaching activities

URBS 250 Representation Methods in Urban Studies

URBS 338 Urban Ecology

URBS 481 Urban Planning in the Developing World

Research activities

Land use and environmental planning, urban growth, land change modeling, hazard mitigation, community resilience, physical/social vulnerability


Journal articles

Atoba, K., Newman, G., Brody, S., Highfield, W., Kim, Y., Juan, A. (2021). "Buy Them Out Before They Are Built: Evaluating the Proactive Acquisition of Vacant Land in Flood-Prone Areas." Environmental Conservation, 48(2), 118-126.

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