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engAGE New Syns Award

engAGE New Syns Award provides financial support for faculty and graduate student research that explores themes related to aging, research that will impact community-based organizations serving older people and/or highlights the perspectives of older people.


Up to a maximum of $5,000.

Successful applicants are eligible for renewed funding in successive years for future initiatives.  

Objectives of the engAGE New Syns Award

  • Support innovative and interdisciplinary research in the area of aging (e.g., undertaking literature reviews, developing new methodologies or approaches, developing new partnerships); 
  • Support research training, mentorship and professionalization opportunities for undergraduate and/or graduate students;
  • Support collaborative research and partnership development including developing opportunities for collaboration among researchers at Concordia, in the field of aging, as well the public sector and community-based partners.


  • Eligible Principal Investigators must be Concordia-based faculty members of engAGE.
    • Non-Concordia-based members of engAGE may not apply as a leader of a group but may be included as a group member on one or more applications during the funding period;
    • Eligible applicants may apply as a leader of a group on one application per competition, but may be included as a group member on other applications during the same competition period.
  • Planned activities should fall within the broad study of aging research and coherently fit with the mission and mandate of the Centre.
  • Applicants who hold an external grant for the same project are not eligible to apply. Should applicants be awarded external funds as a result of pending applications, their Research Award may be considered ineligible.

Application for funding

  • The proposal must be no more than 3–4 pages, 1.5" spacing, 12-point Times New Roman (excluding references) and should include:
    • Summary of the working group:
      • Context that supports the need for current research and/or collaboration;
      • Description of the project aims, challenge or issues to be addressed by the group;
      • Description of the methodology (If applicable, human research ethics certification must be submitted before data collection can begin);
      • Planned activities to be undertaken by the group;
      • Timeline of planned activities;
      • Engagement of a partnership or partner organization, if applicable to this initiative;
    • Budget and budget justification.
  • Academic CVs.

Evaluation criteria for awards

  1. Clearly defines an area of research on aging that is original, relevant and compelling;
  2. Promotes collaborative, innovative and interdisciplinary work on aging;
  3. Clear breakdown of budget and how the funds will be used;
  4. Shows promise for further research outcomes (e.g., publications, attracting external funding);
  5. Encourages the involvement, training, mentorship and professionalization opportunities for undergraduate and/or graduate students.

Requirements of successful candidates

  • All successful candidates are expected to present the results of their working group activities to the engAGE community within three to six months of the end of the academic year. With permission, the presentation will be filmed and archived on the Concordia University YouTube Channel.
  • The leader provides engAGE with the relevant information to create a “Project page” on the engAGE website.
  • A financial report must be submitted by the end of the funding period and include itemized receipts.
  • Funded applicants are expected to acknowledge engAGE in all related presentations and published work. If and when appropriate, acknowledgement could take the form of the engAGE logo. Please contact the engAGE coordinator for access to the approved logo.

How to apply

To apply for the engAGE New Syns Award, please email your complete application by January 31, 2023 to:

Applicants must be current members of engAGE. To become a member of engAGE, please fill out an online application.

Eligible expenses

Funding may be approved for expenses such as travel, accommodation, honoraria (per the Centre’s policies), preparation of materials (e.g., printing and photocopying), and light refreshments. This list is not exhaustive.

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