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Black Mental Wellness on Campus Project

At this beginning of 2020, the BPO hosted its first Black Mental Wellness Week, which was a great success for our community and highlighted our to centralize mental wellness in our work. This fall, with the pandemic disproportionately affecting Black communities, the continued legacy of racial and systemic violence against Black people, and the weight of organizing around the Black Lives Matter movement, our Concordia Black community is in an urgent need of support that takes their mental wellness into account. In order to best support our community we are launching the Black Mental Wellness on Campus project.

The Black Mental Wellness on Campus project will build upon and deepen the work of our wellness week in three ways : 1) we will design and launch a bilingual online platform and mental wellness support site, 2) we will host a year-long series of wellness education, skillshares, workshop and events, 3) we will build a network of practitioners and participants who are dedicated to anti-racist and holistic mental wellness.

The accessible online platform will include sections for common concerns, self-care assessments, resources within Canadian universities and trusted external resources, which all cater to and understand the particularities of Black community experiences with the Canadian academy and their daily lives. The year-long workshop and events series will be based in Montreal and led by local Black mental wellness practitioners to foster the skills, capacities, and knowledge of self-determined and holistic mental wellness among black students and community members. These events and workshops will cover a wide range of topics including meditation/mindfulness, group counselling/therapy sessions, and trauma-informed body therapies.

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