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Faculty & staff

The Black Perspectives Office engages the entire Concordia community in Black perspectives and champions the voices of Black faculty and staff. We offer consultative services and foster opportunities for Black employees' full engagement, access, and sense of belonging at Concordia through resources, services, and programming that promote Black employee success and wellness. 

Faculty Affiliates

Robert Weladji (Biology)

Jacqueline Peters (Linguistics)

Christiana Abraham (Communications)

Angela Kross (Geography)

Françoise Naudillon (Études Françaises)

Angélique Willkie (Dance)

Deanna Bowen (Studio Arts)

Linda Dyer (Management)

Roch Glitho (Engineering)

Nathalie Brataville (Womens Studies)

Staff Affiliates

Dave McKenzie (Founder and Coordinator, MBA Community Service Initiative)

Sharon Nelson (Assistant Director, Executive MBA)

Tenicha Gittens (Head Coach - Women's Basketball)

Danna Janvier (Assistant to Associate V-P - Finance & Control)

Alexandra Lerebours (Manager - Compensation)

Faye Corbin (Interlibrary Loans Supervisor)

Cynthia George (Cataloging Assistant)

Andrea Clarke (Senior Director, Community Engagement and Social Impact)

Annick Maugile Flavien (Founding Coordinator - Black Perspectives Office / Co-chair - President's Task Force on Anti-Black Racism)

Lisa White (Executive Director)

Dona Nham (Senior Advisor on Anti-racism)

Bofta Weldetnsae (Equity Advisor)  - On leave

Temi Akin-Aina (Associate Director - Alumni Relations)

James Roach (Senior Communications Advisor) 

Allison Saunders (Webmaster) 

Note: This is a non-exhaustive list of Concordia faculty and staff who self-identify as Black and are affiliated to the Black Perspectives Office and/or the President's Task Force on Anti-Black Racism. If you like to be added to the list of champions please email us at

Workshops and Trainings

Black Perspectives Office

Our offices are located in the Faubourg Ste-Catherine Tower

1250 Guy Montreal, QC H3H 2T4

S-FB 1020

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