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Concordia University Press is interested in proposals for books and pamphlets in the arts, humanities, and social sciences that engage with the themes of Life, Knowledge, and Creation.

Life, including lifespan and aging; gender and sexuality; migration and diaspora; indigeneity; disability; the natural environment and sustainability; sense, emotion and affect; human and non-human rights; risk studies; cities and urban centres; and industrial and post-industrial communities.

Knowledge, including memory, the past, and the future; digital and post-digital environments; the creation, formation, and curation of knowledge publics; oral history and storytelling; media; and translation and translation studies.

Creation, including making and maker cultures; sculpture; painting; photography; fibre arts; literature; poetics; theatre; performance; cinema; video arts; and games and gaming studies.  

Details on how to submit a proposal are available on the Press's author's page

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