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63rd Garnet Key

Sage Duquette

Sage Duquette – President

Growing up as a single child to a single mother, my story and hers are inherently intertwined. My mother is a feminist, activist, and artist of Cree-French heritage with a complicated background. She was on her own by age fifteen, having dropped out of high school. She had me in her mid-twenties and every decision she made for the following eighteen years was for my benefit. When I was eight or so, she went back to school and a few years later moved us from Calgary to Montreal so she could attend Concordia University. This school is where she completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees, all while raising me.

In addition to advancing her own education, she placed me in the francophone school system, which I followed all the way through CEGEP. As a student, an activist, and a mother, she brought me everywhere. For me, university classes and activist meetings were after-school activities. It was formative. I cared about causes that my peers would not show awareness of until CEGEP and I could and would argue for them with people 10 times my age. I have always been passionate about politics and social justice, because my mother’s passion was ever-present in my life.

When I underwent my own return to studies after a few years of life experience, I turned to Concordia, that institution of my own past. It is an honour to serve Concordia’s Garnet Key Society as its President. Pursuing extra-curriculars like the Garnet Key is a privilege that my mother never had, and I like to think that I am here by equal measures of her parenting and my own merit. I hope to use this opportunity to lend a hand to students like her, who lack the means to pursue all the opportunities our school has to offer.

Madeleine Dawn

Madeleine Dawn – Vice President

Hi there, I’m Maddie!

I’m starting my last year of Communications and Cultural Studies, with plans of continuing my education in the Media Studies master’s degree at Concordia. For a long time, school made me miserable – I never got good grades and I felt like it wasn’t for me. I applied to Concordia simply because it was the thing to do after graduating from college. Thank goodness I did because Concordia is the place that made me fall in love with education and empowered me to hone in on my abilities. It’s where I learned to question the limits I’ve placed on myself and to continuously do so in every facet of my life. It’s also where I realized I want to become a professor; among many of my other professional and life goals. Some of those goals include working on and off camera in the film industry, as well as working towards ending the stigma around everything sex and mental health related. Having been through some serious mental health issues myself, I am now happy to give back to those who need support through my volunteering at youth centres and as a Crisis Responder for Kids Help Phone.

When I first got accepted to the Garnet Key Society, I looked over the positions multiple times before I realized I completely skipped over the roles of President and Vice-President. As I’ve learned to do, I took a moment to reflect on my doubts, actions and beliefs: did I inherently think I couldn’t, or that I shouldn’t even try to aim for that? After realizing I have the necessary skills and personality traits to be great at either of these positions, as well as finding the opportunity to challenge my self-imposed limitations, I went for it. Even if I hadn’t gotten it, at least I would have challenged myself and tried. I am honoured to have been accepted to the Society in the first place, and even more honoured to be the 63rd Cohort’s Vice-President. My experience at Concordia played a big role in my overcoming an extremely difficult time in my life – I’m honoured to now represent the school and get the opportunity to give back to the community for everything it has done for me. Very much looking forward to this upcoming year!

Ashley Morales Asuncion

Ashley Morales Asuncion – Secretary

As Alain de Botton and John Armstrong wrote in Art as Therapy, “we aren’t just one person, we are made up of multiple selves.” This enlightens my journey to self-awareness and realization, as well as my admiration for our interconnection as ever-changing beings. Growing up, I have always been fascinated by the relation between the different methods of expression and perception, the consequential interaction with others, and the hidden workings of the inner and outer worlds that shape our lives. At Concordia University, studying Art Education and Psychology, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that helped me grow personally and academically. Supported in an innovative environment with people from diverse backgrounds, I am continuously learning and motivated to do so.

Acknowledging how creative expression and remarkable teachers impacted my journey, I am inspired and driven to demonstrate how our human minds and human hearts can create powerful connections, introspectively and as a unified community. Working with various populations such as young children during my teaching experiences, teens and adults in the Art Hives, and elders at the Ste. Anne’s Hospital, I learn in every encounter the great value one can bring one another. Interested in pursuing my studies in art therapy, I aspire to work in schools, community centres, and health institutions in order to improve our understanding and ways of being around our educational system, our natural environment, and our physical and mental health.

I am truly honoured to be part of a community that represents Concordia, alongside a team of incredible beings who too, strives to do better for learners, within and outside of the university. We are all learning in our own special ways, so let’s keep striving. Keep exploring. Keep reaching for the stars. You matter. You are capable. You are you, and more.

Phil Krulic

Phil Krulic – Treasurer

Hi! I'm Phil, an Accounting major at JMSB. I'm originally from the United States (Connecticut). I moved to Montreal in January 2019, and never looked back!

Fun fact about me, I worked as a charter bus driver for a few years before deciding to go back to school. My favorite places to visit are in northern New England (Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont), especially during the fall. I also spent a lot of time driving tour groups around Boston and New York City. In fact, it's through that job that I discovered Montreal — I brought a university group here for a conference and I fell in love with the city.

I'm also actively involved with the John Molson Competition Committee as VP Logistics and VP Debate and Quiz. One of the things I love about Concordia is that there are many opportunities to grow and network outside of the classroom, and I love being part of the JMCC team. Professionally, I want to work in taxation; this year I did an internship in Cross-Border Tax at Deloitte and I loved it.

I've enjoyed my experience at Concordia so far, and it's an honour to be able to represent the school as Treasurer of the Garnet Keys. I'm excited to see what we can accomplish this year! 

Iliana Berube

Iliana Berube – Community Project Chairperson

A few years ago, I was inspired by the phrase “think globally, act locally”. At the time, I was a student at Carleton University studying global and international affairs; specializing in global development. I had pursued this program with the intent to one day help create access to better education, poverty alleviation programs and better living conditions for children globally. However, I began to think about the volunteer work I had done within the Montreal region and “act locally” began to really resonate with me.

After some serious thought, paired with the knowledge I had acquired at Carleton, I was prompted to shift career paths and applied to Concordia’s Early Childhood and Elementary Education program. Having completed my first year in the program, I could not be more proud to be part of such an amazing department and one of Canada’s top education programs. I am so grateful for my switch to Concordia as it has allowed me to pursue my passion of working to provide children with more accessible, inclusive and accommodating education.

I have always been someone who is extremely passionate about community building, as well as working with children. Now, to have the opportunity to formally represent the institution that has allowed me to pursue such passion as a 63rd Garnet Key member, is such an honor. Beyond that, I have been given the privilege to pursue not only one, but both of my passions, as the Community Project Chairperson. I could not be more thrilled to begin my mandate and to help make a positive and tangible difference locally. I am beyond excited and motivated to work in collaboration with my fellow keys in order to see our visions come to life! Although the year 2020 has presented many challenges, I am confident that our cohort can help make 2020 a catalyst for change. I believe anything is possible for those who think critically, act kindly, believe in themselves, and always persevere!

Anouchka Beaudry

Anouchka Beaudry – Community Project Chairperson

Hi! My name is Anouchka Beaudry, I am currently in my third year in Health, Kinesiology, and Applied Physiology specializing in athletic therapy and I am loving every minute of my experience. While travelling abroad, I had time to think about what would make my university experience memorable, I found that by combining my passions for the human body, sports and psychology into my study field I could achieve that. Moreover, studying in athletic therapy has highlighted other goals I will work towards.

Being part of a group that strives to be the best version of themselves to achieve “The Goal” has always been something I cherish. Furthermore, my experience representing Canada on the international level was not only a great way to push myself, but also to foster a sense of community and leadership. This only reinforced the notion that a team always comes first and that so much more can be achieved when working in unison. Being a member of Team Canada ultimate frisbee for five world championships in the last four years has taught me to embrace every challenge that I face. These experiences have led me to giving conferences as well as coaching youth and adult ultimate frisbee players.

I have always been involved in my community through numerous organizations. One of my most memorable accomplishments was when at 14 years old, I decided to participate in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge to raise money for cancer research. Once I had set my mind to it, nothing was going to stop me. I still get goose bumps thinking about how proud I felt, but moreover it confirmed my passion of giving back to others. During this unique period the world is going through, we will use our creativity to help where our community needs it the most.

Concordia University has provided me an environment to grow and thrive in and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to give back to our community. I am excited to begin my mandate as a community chairperson alongside the other 11 driven members of this honourable society!

Domenico Albano

Domenico Albano – Recruitment Chairperson

Having completed my first year of Honours Political Science at Concordia, I look forward to finishing my undergrad at this amazing university. Truth be told, I’m not quite sure what I want to do with my life and I’m sure many others are in the same boat. However, it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey, and so far, I’ve loved every minute of my experience.

From a young age, I’ve always been passionate about sports and they’ve helped me become the person I am today. That is to say that I’m a team player with great leadership skills. I also used these skills to share my passion with others by becoming a soccer coach. I volunteered my time to coach kids in my neighbourhood who couldn’t afford organized sports and it was an amazing opportunity.

While going to school full-time, I have also worked part-time as a fundraising supervisor for various international and Canadian NGOs. I have realized that giving back to those in need is something that I truly enjoy doing. During these difficult times, it is especially crucial to help out our more vulnerable communities and I look forward to doing so throughout my mandate with the Garnet Key Society.

I only heard about the Garnet Key when I received my invitation to apply and after doing some research, I was obsessed. The Garnet Key Society was the perfect opportunity to not only get more involved with the Montreal community but also take a more active role within the Concordia community as well. I am delighted to be a Recruitment Chairperson of the 63rd Key and I’m honoured to have the responsibility of continuing the prestigious legacy of the society. I’m excited to get started and work alongside my fellow amazing keys. I can’t wait to see what great things we’ll accomplish this year.

Emma Nounke

Emma Nounke – Recruitment Chairperson

It is known that I performed my very first chemical experiment at the ripe age of six — a thermally induced albumin denaturation. Simply put, I fried an egg. I then proceeded to burn said egg, however the process of the liquid yolk transitioning into its solid form kept me up during nap time, as I would constantly ask myself, “how?” This three-letter word led me to where I am today, in my final year of a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

Having lived in several countries throughout my life, I have had the privilege of being exposed to many different cultures and have developed a deep appreciation for them. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by such a healthy community at Concordia during the past few years fostered by the students, faculty and staff always being so welcoming. Hailing from a very different environment, Concordia’s warmth felt priceless. In an effort to pay forward to not only Concordia but to the city of Montreal that welcomed me, I have been involved in several volunteering experiences including tutoring at the Concordia University Student Parents Centre, serving free lunch at the Hive, note-taking for the Access Center for Students with Disabilities, and welcoming visitors at the Montreal General Hospital.

Hobbies include but aren’t limited to dancing with or without music, solving elegant number puzzles, bike riding, knitting, watching crime documentaries, and (new-in) escape rooms!

My university journey has been quite the experience, and I am honoured to go through the last stretch with a bang, as the Recruitment Chairperson of the Garnet Key. I look forward to upholding the responsibility of representing Concordia University alongside my 11 fellow driven and committed team members.

Amanda Marlandis

Amanda Marlandis – Banquet Chairperson

My name is Amanda Marlandis and I am a third year Honours Psychology student. I have always been fascinated by how individuals think, feel, and interact with one another. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have been given many volunteer opportunities that have allowed me to contribute to the mental health sector in ways I have always dreamed, reinforcing my passion for the field. I have since become very passionate about community involvement, multidisciplinary collaboration and the bringing together of diverse cultures.

As a member of the 63rd Garnet Key Society, I hope to continue contributing to the mental health sector in a meaningful way, as well as help bring to surface other important causes at the internal and external level. I look forward to working alongside other motivated and inspirational students to honour my university and the hard work of previous Garnet Key alumni. I think we can achieve this as a cohort by working hard to expand upon previous projects and initiatives.

Allyson Prophet

Allyson Prophet – Banquet Chairperson

As early as I can remember, I was drawing pictures or doing some kind of art. My mom often retells the story of when I was a toddler and she took me to an art museum, expecting me to fall asleep in the stroller like my sister did whenever my mom had taken her. To her surprise, however, the little artist in me was wide awake from the excitement of all that I was seeing. Fast-forward a few years and now here I am, studying Painting and Drawing! I first started doing art classes when I was five years old and moved on to learn oil painting at the age of seven. Art has been, and always will be, an important part of my life.

As someone who deals with learning disabilities and mental health struggles, art has helped me along the way. It is a great tool for expressing my thoughts, questions and emotions — it has not only been my support, it has given me a voice. I often use my artwork to advocate for the discussion of mental health issues. I have learned, and am always still learning, how to accept my situation and find the positives that come with it. Having to overcome these challenges has also taught me so much about myself. In my opinion, difficult situations like these can lead to character building opportunities and can contribute to a unique perspective in life.

As my undergrad journey at Concordia is nearing an end, I can’t help but think back to the start and reflect on how much I’ve grown — both as an artist and as an individual. I am so appreciative for the friendships and connections that I’ve made along the way. When I was first invited to apply to the Garnet Key Society, I never actually believed that I’d be chosen. I decided to apply anyway, seeing it as, at the very least, a good learning opportunity. I’m certainly glad that I proved myself wrong and took that leap of faith! I am honoured to be part of the amazing group of people that form the 63rd Garnet Key Society. On top of that, I think I might be even more thrilled with my role as Banquet Chairperson. While I enjoy keeping traditions alive, I look forward to adding some of my own twists that will hopefully make this year’s event unique and a reunion for everyone to enjoy.

Sydney Gervais

Sydney Gervais – Marketing & Communications

Most of the time, when I say that I’m in the Liberal Arts, I’m rewarded with a blank stare and a smile that lets me know that most people have no idea what the Liberal Arts entail. The short version I usually offer up is that I read books that old men wrote hundreds of years ago, but it’s much more than that.

Growing up, I was interested in Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Near East, and as I continued to grow up, my interests became more focused on how we changed from those civilizations to the society we live in now. Western history has changed and shifted in an extremely interesting way, and my program of study has allowed me to place a microscope on those shifts throughout time. Analyzing the differences between Chaucer and Boccaccio, or between the Golden Age and Baroque art, all the way up to contemporary and modern works allows me to get a better sense of how we got to our society now. Why we’ve progressed the way we have is directly in view when looking at art and literature and music. I find this to be crucial, as I intend to go into law after, and knowledge of our history and why we treat justice the way we do makes understanding our laws in a more profound way more accessible.

When I found out about the Garnet Keys, I thought it would be a great experience as well as offer a more hands-on experience in both the Montreal and Concordia communities. Being involved in my community is extremely important to me. More specifically, my role as Marketing and Communications coordinator allows me to directly interact with the world through our online platforms. I feel honoured to be part of a society that is so welcoming, and I cannot wait to give back to the Concordia community, which has been like a second home to me.

Gabriele Zambito

Gabriele Zambito – Alumni Liason

Upon discovering Garnet Key, I immediately knew I had to become a part of it. If there is one thing that really drives me, it’s benevolence. My disposition to do good, help others, and stand up for what I believe in are ultimately what motivated me to become a Garnet Key member.

Since I was very young, the one thing that always came easiest to me was chatting with practically anybody. Growing older, my knack for conversation never left. Although I have always been the outgoing type, my confidence wavered. Self-doubt has led me to some missed opportunities because I never thought I would be good enough to achieve the goals I had my heart set on. Today, I am much more self-assured and outspoken, which I considerably attribute to my parents and the experiences that have helped shape me.

I am entering my second year at Concordia, double majoring in Journalism and Communication and Cultural Studies. Getting involved with student media at Concordia’s radio station CJLO 1690 AM and the Concordian have been empowering experiences that have made me feel connected to the world around me. Being the enthusiastic storyteller that I am, the role of Alumni Liaison Officer seemed to be the right fit for me.

As your Alumni Liaison Officer and Historian, I can’t wait to connect with keys from all sorts of backgrounds. Maintaining and expanding our solid network through online engagement, as well as highlighting the history of the society are my main goals. I don’t take the responsibility of being a Garnet Key lightly. This honour is truly one of my proudest moments and I intend to make the Concordia community, as well as my cohort, proud.

The Garnet Keys thank the In-Focus Media Club for taking our official photos. To see more of their work, visit @infocusmediaclub on Instagram.

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